Monthly Archives: November 2020

How to: verify principle object access directly from the Flow

If you ever tried using “List Records” action with the POA table (principalobjectaccess), you might have noticed it’s not showing up in the dropdown list: However, it’s easy to solve. You just need to know the “set” name for that table (which is “principalobjectaccessset”), and, then, you can enter that name as a custom value:… Read More »

Entities are Tables now, so what?

You have probably heard that Entities are Tables now? If not, have a look here: Well, am I thrilled about it? Am I concerned about it? Quite frankly, we should all get used, by now, to all those changes in the product names and/or in the terminology around Microsoft products. Sometimes, those changes are… Read More »

Retrieving environment variable value in Javascript

The script below might help if you wanted to read CDS environment variable value in your javascript web resource. top.environmentVariables = []; function getEnvironmentVariableInternal(varName){ “use strict”; top.environmentVariables[varName] = null; Xrm.WebApi.retrieveMultipleRecords(“environmentvariabledefinition”, `?$top=1&fetchXml=<fetch version=’1.0′ output-format=’xml-platform’ mapping=’logical’ distinct=’true’> <entity name=’environmentvariabledefinition’> <attribute name=’defaultvalue’ /> <filter type=’and’> <condition attribute=’schemaname’ operator=’eq’ value=’` + varName + `’ /> </filter> <link-entity name=’environmentvariablevalue’ from=’environmentvariabledefinitionid’… Read More »