Monthly Archives: May 2018

Configuration Data Manager – updated for V9.0.2

  Looks like something has changed in V9 recently that did affect my Configuration Data Manager solution, too, so there is an updated version you can download now which works with V9. It also fixes a couple of issues related to big integer numbers and to the missing N:N relationships. Yet keeping in mind that… Read More »

At this time Microsoft Dynamics 365 requires version 4.6.2 of the .NET Framework for plugin assemblies

  A few days ago somebody raised a question in the community forums: “Currently, Microsoft Dynamics 365 requires the .NET Framework version 4.6.2 for plug-in assemblies. Rebuild the assembly with the .NET Framework version 4.6.2 and try again.” Well, it’s hard to know what’s happening in various environments, so I made a note for… Read More »

Field Service: Trying it out (Part 2)

  There are a couple of things about Resource Scheduling / Field Service I learned today which may be worth sharing, so here we go: 1. For those who want to try Field Service on-premise If you already have access to the customer source, you can download Field Service files from this link: There… Read More »

Gartner peer insights: Microsoft vs Salesforce vs SAP

Normally, I don’t like participating in any kind of Dynamics vs SalesForce vs Oracle vs .. discussion, since, in my mind, those are all great products, and the success of every particular implementation depends more on the skills and experience of the team working there than on the product itself. So the purpose of this… Read More »

Field Service: Trying it Out

I never, actually, tried the Field Service before – just never had to.  You might say that’s so much for being an MVP, eh? And you would probably be right, but, to my excuse, Ottawa is still using on-prem version of Dynamics almost exclusively. It’s a bit of an on-premise enclave here – Microsoft is… Read More »