Monthly Archives: June 2018

Moving Dynamics 365 instances between tenants – doable or not?

It’s just something I was exploring today in preparation for the MB2-715, and, it seems, there are ways to move instances from one tenant to another without having to actually migrate the data. At least that seems to be the case according to the discussions here: This is likely going to involve a… Read More »

Easy Repro: what is it?

  Easy Repro seems to be a bit unusual name for  what is, basically, an automated UI testing framework, since it’s not so much about reproducing the issues as it is about testing various UI scenarios: And I wanted to emphasize it right here. Easy Repro is not a product.. neither it’s a technology..… Read More »

Skipping process initialization on create

We had a scenario where we did not want to initialize a BPF when a record is created – basically, those were records for which it would take some time before anybody would really need to start looking at them. Until that moment, they would be staying “dormant” in the system, and, then, once they’ve… Read More »

Dynamics: What are your Reporting Options

  When looking at the reporting options in Dynamics, it sometimes feels that there are just way too many, and, even though there are lots of good ones, there is always something that seems to be missing. Just so we could start somewhere, let’s see what Microsoft has to say: In other words, we… Read More »