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Design patterns: Iterator and Strategy

Was looking at the “strategy” and “iterator” patterns today. They are both operational/behavioral patterns, which makes them different from the creational patterns like the Factory Method, for instance. What’s interesting is that they might not be that different when it comes to the implementation. It’s the usage which makes them different. Strategy pattern is about… Read More »

Design patterns in the real life: abstract factory and factory method

There are two design patterns which are called “factory” patterns: factory method and abstract factory. They are called factories because they produce something. The interesting thing is that there are other creational design patters which are called differenctly, but they still produce something, so, just following this logic, all those patterns could be called factories.… Read More »

Finding software design patterns in the normal world: decorator and proxy patterns

This is a continuation of the original “finding software design patterns in the normal world” challenge. For this one, let’s have a look at the proxy and decorator patterns. The difference between those two seems to be more conceptual than structural. For example, let’s say we have a soldier who can fire. Let’s put that soldier… Read More »