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Form OnLoad vs OnDataLoad

There are two different onLoad events in the client-side XRM framework, and I did not know that… Well, it’s better to find it out late than never 😊 Here is how it works: Actually, I used to think OnLoad does what OnDataLoad do. Maybe it used to do it? Not sure. Either way, when… Read More »

Here goes an unusual combination of old and new technologies, sprinkled with a bunch of howto-s

We don’t always get to choose the technology we work with in the Power Platform world. Strict security, missing subscriptions, long approvals… if you’ve ever worked on the government projects, you know the drill. However, sometimes, this leads to a very unusual combination of tools and technologies, and, in this series of posts, I’m going… Read More »

Multiplexing is fine, as long as you are properly licensed. But can you say if you are?

It seems I still can’t quite get over those Power Automate licensing updates – new questions keep coming up, we keep digging, and that brings some new revelations. Well, today’s topic is multiplexing. First off all, “multiplexing” is not a bad word 😉 Here is how Microsoft defines it in the Client Access License (CAL) Requirements: “Multiplexing” is when individuals… Read More »

Canvas App – adding alternating colors to a gallery that’s sourced from a Dataverse table

The technique for adding alternating colors to a Canvas App gallery has been described in various posts, here is one of those: We just need to add a new column to the data source, which is going to store the sequential row number, and, once we have it, we can use it to calculate… Read More »