Monthly Archives: April 2023

Why 500 matters for Canvas Apps?

There is something magical about five hundred: AND, ready for the next one? There is 500 limit on the number of controls you should be adding to your canvas applications: I am pretty sure you can add more, of course. There is no hard limit – as in, your application will not stop working… Read More »

CoE Power Chat session on Apr 6

Well, the session today did not work quite as I expected, since, out of about 12 registrations, no one showed up 🙄 That might be an indication of a badly organized event to be fair, but, in either case, I figured with no one showing up I’ll just end the meeting (in case you were… Read More »

CoE Starter Kit – Solution Assessment App

In the latest version of the CoE Starter Kit, the team behind it has implemented “Nurture Apps – Maker” model-driven application for solution makers which, among other things, allows application makers to submit solution assessment to the COE admins: The questions there are configurable, but, in general, the purpose of this app is not necessarily… Read More »