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Not applying for my MVP renewal, but why?

I think I have finally made piece with the decision not to apply for my MVP renewal, but it’s still worth a bit of an explanation. It won’t be long, though. First of all, when Andrey Butenko asked if I’d be interested in being considered for an MVP award back in 2017, I thought “wow,… Read More »

Did MVP program actually get some things wrong?

With Jukka officially opting out of the MVP program it’s hard not to be willing to chime in, at least a little bit. I guess you’ve seen his post by now, but, if not, it’s definitely worth looking at. Just as with about anything he writes about, he beats it to death, puts a few… Read More »

Do you want to become an MVP?

I was watching the video Mark Smith just posted, and, as it often happens, got mixed impression. Of course I do agree that there is always this idea that becoming an MVP should bring in some benefits. When thinking of “becoming an MVP”, you are inevitably starting to think of those benefits at some point.… Read More »

Who are those MVP folks?

  You may think it’s going to be some kind of promotional post, but it’s not.. well, maybe a little. But it’s something that came up as a side-topic of the linkedin discussion here: My personal relationship with the MVP award is kind of controversial. I only had one, so far, and I got… Read More »