Monthly Archives: November 2017

POA: What it looks like on the SQL side

POA table is well known for its ability to cause performance issues, so, even though we can’t avoid record sharing, it’s always been recommended to sort of keep record sharing at bay by reducing the number of records in the POA. This is where Access Teams come into play. Sure we can use Owner Teams… Read More »

Dynamics portals–just thinking out loud..

I have to admit, I have not worked a lot with the portals. It’s always been occasional. But every time I turn to them, somehow it feels like the concept itself is almost foreign to Dynamics. Not because there is no need for the portals – there has always been, and there is still a… Read More »

A validation step that won’t validate

A plugin registered in the validation step won’t intercept any of the changes that get added to the plugin Target in the pre-create. It seems so obvious.. but it’s not something I’d normally be thinking about when developing the plugins. One of the plugin patterns most of us like using looks like this: – We… Read More »

CodeNow for #XrmToolBox–more than just code now.. Let’s get your organization POA stats this time

I’ve been experimenting with the CodeNow plugin, and there is a new version ( you can now download from the plugin store. There are some user interface improvements(progress indicator, better error reporting, better logging), but, also, there is a new piece of functionality which you can see on the screenshot below: This is a dashboard… Read More »

Dynamice 365: Tracing service and Plugin performance

Tracing service can make it much easier for plugin developers to understand what’s happening in the plugin, especially when there is no other way to debug the code. I was wondering, though, if there would be an obvious performance impact when using the tracing service, so I did some testing tonight: The results ended up… Read More »