Monthly Archives: January 2022

Model-Driven Applications for application Users

Recently, I have been working on a training for application users which might be helpful to both users and new model-driven application makers: It is meant to cover model-driven application functionality from the user perspective. To be fair, there is a lot to cover, so this is not going to be absolutely exhaustive, but… Read More »

How I spent 7 hours fixing my hacked WordPress site

Usually, I don’t need to deal with the hacked WordPress sites. However, I’m not using hosted WordPress blog – instead, my blog is running on a hosting account where I have installed WordPress… to some extent, that gives me quite a bit of flexibility. But, on the other hand, when things go wrong, it may… Read More »

Power Platform Quiz #1

Here is a short Power Platform quiz for you. It might be the only one I’ll come up with, or it might turn into a “thing” here – we’ll see. Anyways, in case you wanted to test yourself, there are 10 questions to answer. [HDquiz quiz = “39”]