Monthly Archives: April 2017

Dynamics 365: There is a HUGE change in how business processes work

So, yes, there is a change. Before I continue, I wanted to make sure you know what business processes are. If you are not too familiar with them, you might want to do some reading first: Otherwise, I’ll simply walk you through this change. In my Dynamics 365 environment, I have an entity which is called… Read More »

TCS Tools: Solution Summary

TCS Tools is a set of components for Dynamics 365 – it’s a work in progress solution, you can find the summary of those components below. Feel free to download it and deploy in your Dynamics instance. Don’t forget to keep me posted on how it works out for you. In order to deploy the solution, follow… Read More »

Dynamics CRM (TCS Tools): Use a workflow to update related entities

If you read my previous post, you know how you can use TCSTools Lookup Setter custom worfklow activity to find a lookup value using a fetchxml query: Let’s imagine a different scenario. What if you had an account and related contacts, and what if you wanted to push a field value you just entered on your account… Read More »

Dynamics 365: Editable grids and autosave

For a little while now, Dynamics has been offering editable grids. Having this functionality in Dynamics had been a dream for many of us – it makes a lot of things so much easier. After all, we can finally provide that great user experience where users can edit everything they need on the same screen. However, there was a… Read More »

Check your plugin code, or here is what you’ll see: There should be only one owner party for an activity

There is an interesting error I’ve never seen before that can now happen in Dynamics whenever you are deleting a service activity: Log file does not have a lot of information, but there is a clue: [Microsoft.Crm.ObjectModel: Microsoft.Crm.ObjectModel.SyncWorkflowExecutionPlugin] [75200d82-9f20-e711-8118-480fcff4b171: ] Starting sync workflow ‘Assign SA’, Id: 6f200d82-9f20-e711-8118-480fcff4b171 Entering AssignStep1_step: Sync workflow ‘Assign SA’ terminated with… Read More »