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By | December 14, 2021

re you or your team looking for a guided training on some / all of the topics below? Here is how it works:

  • Normally, all trainings will be delivered online. A typical training day will last 6 hours with about 30 minutes meal break, and it will be followed by an optional Q&A hour
  • Normally, there will be 5-8 people per group
  • There are no set dates for either of the trainings until enough participants have expressed interest through the training request form . Once there is enough interest, I’ll reach out to you to suggest possible dates, and you will be able to register then
  • A typical training day will cover about 6 hours of training (30 minutes meal break included into that time), and it will be followed by an optional Q&A hour
  • As for the costs, it’s: $250 USD per person per training day (less 10% when it’s a multiday training)

1. Power Platform Security

We will look at the Dataverse security model and its implications for different Power Platform components. Time-permitting, we will also discuss related aspects of Sharepoint security, quickly review Power Pages security model, and discuss Data Loss Prevention policies.

Duration: 1 day

2. Plugin Development

We will look at the plugins development. This training assumes some familiarity with .NET development. It does not have to be too advanced, we are not going to develop custom applications after all, but each participant should have Visual Studio installed on their machines (Community Edition would do), and should also be able to perform basic build tasks in the Visual Studio.

Here is some of what we will learn: when to use plugins, how they compare to the other pro/low-code tools, event execution pipeline, pre and post images, XRM framework, plugins debugging, plugin registration tool, etc.

Duration: 2 days

3. Getting Started with Power Automate

No matter if you are a pro-developer or if you are not a developer at all, you can definitely use Power Automate for all sorts of automation tasks. Interestingly enough, the learning curve is more or less the same except that there will be a little different pain points. Still, in general there is no previous development experience expectation for this course. I’ll show you where to start, what to do, and, perhaps, a few useful tricks here and there.

Duration: 1 days

4. Out of the Box document generation and reporting

There are Word Template, SSRS reports, Power BI dashboards, Power BI paginated reports, model-driven application views… All of those tools can be used for reporting, and, to some extent, for document generation. We will spend this training day looking at how those tools work, when would you use each of them, and what are some other considerations there.

Duration: 1 days

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    Hello Alex,

    I am very interested in following Power Platform Part II session. Is there a more detailed planning available and how can I sign up?

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