Monthly Archives: December 2019

Azure Architecture and Power Platform

I’ve been trying to catch up on the azure architecture lately using free learning material that Microsoft provides for the related az-300 exam: There is a lot to catch up on, since it’s definitely not my primary area of expertise, but now that I’m through about a quarter of that course, I can’t help… Read More »

“Default” property in the Canvas Apps controls – there is more to it than the name assumes

This comes straight from the Power Apps documentation: Default – The initial value of a control before it is changed by the user Actually, I never bothered to read that definition until recently, and, it seems, there is some discrepancy there. That definition seems to imply that “Default” will only affect your control’s initial… Read More »

Here is a riddle: “I am a readonly record, but I am still updatable in the user interface. What am I?”

Have you ever noticed there is at least one entity in the Model-Driven apps (and in Dynamics before) which would sometimes claim a form is read-only, but which would still be somewhat updatable in the user interface? Even more, this peculiar behavior may not be easily controlled through java scripts. See, you can update “Regarding” field… Read More »