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Power Platform Fact Check

Tenant Admins can be restricted from viewing Dataverse data Neither Power Platform Admins, nor Tenant Admins can be restricted from accessing data in Dataverse environments: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform/admin/use-service-admin-role-manage-tenant Dynamics 365 administrators can be restricted, though, as long as they have not been added to an Azure AD group that’s been assigned to a given environment. You need… Read More »

How to: debug plugins in the shared environments

When debugging a plugin, I often use PluginExecutionExceptions to display debugging messages. But, of course, it all works great when my development environment (or the plugin) is relatively isolated. And it all falls apart when there are other people working in the same environment, and they suddenly start seeing those error messages. There is a… Read More »