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CoE Power Chat session on Apr 6

Well, the session today did not work quite as I expected, since, out of about 12 registrations, no one showed up 🙄 That might be an indication of a badly organized event to be fair, but, in either case, I figured with no one showing up I’ll just end the meeting (in case you were… Read More »

Unconventional intro to the Canvas Apps

Canvas Apps tutorials / samples are often using the same approach. They will show you how to create an application that is relying on the Gallery and Form controls and walk you through the basic usage of those controls. Here is an example: Those are very powerful controls and you can achieve a lot… Read More »

SSIS Connectors Test Setup instructions

You can use the scripts and solution/project files below to set up the same data migration test that I used to compare KingswaySoft to CozyRoc in the Part 4 of the Data Migration with SSIS series of posts: Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Overview Part 3: SSIS Data Connectors Part 4: Let’s put it all to… Read More »