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What you cannot do in Dynamics

This is going to be a strange post(or a series of posts). Usually, it’s all about how to do something. In this case, it’s all about what we can’t do. Why does it matter? Every now and then, a change request will come in, and you’ll end up spending days looking for a solution. You will… Read More »

Ribbon Workbench

Have you heard about Scott Durow? He was around when I was starting in Dynamics back in 2010, he is still around now (2017), and I’m hoping he’ll stick with us for a while. He is an elder in the community.. You might say he is ancient by Dynamics standards. Although, he is not ancient like this: And even not… Read More »

An Introduction to Dynamics Toolbox

“Another third-party solution? Oh, no!” – frustrated Dynamics admin Don’t you worry! This is not yet another solution for Dynamics. This is more like a reference material for  anyone willing to work efficiently with Dynamics (besides, I already have TCS Tools solution.. in case you were, actually, expecting a solution:) ) Here is the analogy. Every home builder will… Read More »