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Let’s rule the business process (Part 2)

As promised, here is the second part of the “let’s rule the business process.. ” post. There is an unmanaged solution you can download here: That solution includes a custom entity, a business process, a business process entity, and two workflows. Basically, there is everything you need to try it yourself.   There are a… Read More »

Let’s rule the business process.. with a workflow!

I was reading a recent post by Dynamics team – they are talking about different ways to manipulate business process stages in Dynamics 365 there: Best practices for automating business process stage progression in Dynamics 365 It’s a great article, and it has some interesting insights. What definitely caught my attention is that, it seems, we should… Read More »

A closer look at the Organization Insights Solution for Dynamics 365

I was looking at the Organization Insights tonight ( ), and I just realized that it seems to be a very special solution: When looking at that dashboard, don’t you think it would be great if we were able to get access to that information from Web API? Or, possibly, if you could set up some alerts/notifications? Usually, all… Read More »

Plug-ins registered for RetrieveMultiple are not called for FetchXml reports

This is just a quick reminder to anyone thinking of creating a RetrieveMultiple plugin: they are not called for FetchXml reports (apparently, they are not called for the SQL reports either). Why is it important? Usually, we would use RetrieveMultiple plugin to either modify the query (in the pre-retrieveMultiple) or to do something with the records that have… Read More »

Masked fields in Dynamics 365

If you ever needed to create a password field in Dynamics, you first instinct was, probably, to create a javascript that will somehow encode the value entered into such a field. Luckily, creating such fields is not exactly the most popular requirement so we don’t have to think of this too often. However, when it does happen,… Read More »

Azure Functions and Dynamics

What comes to your mind when you realize you need to extend Dynamics with some server-side code? Plugins? Custom workflow activities? External applications? Those are all great options, but, for many years, they have been the only options available to us. And, yet, they all have limitations. Plugins can’t run on their own. Custom workflow… Read More »