Plugin Developer Training

Dynamics Plugin Developer Training is for anyone looking for a way to start developing plugins for Dynamics 365. This is a practical course that is delivered online – there will be quite a bit of “theory”, but, also, practice there. Do not expect a reference guide that will give you answers to all your questions – there are lots of other online resources you can use for that. Instead, the idea is to quickly get you from the point where you are only starting to explore plugin development to the point where you have developed a few plugins, tried a few things, and are ready to start building your skills on top of that experience.

Here is what this training is about:

1. Overview and Introduction
2. Finding Help When You Need It
3. Setting up the Dev Environment
4. Setting up the Project
5. Configure your Dynamics 365 trial instance
6. Check Point 1
7. Plugin Registration Tool
8. First plugin: let’s add some validation
9. Why using a plugin in the validation scenario above?
10. Check Point 2
11. Context, Target
12. First plugin updated: let’s make it smarter
13. OrganizationService
14. Check Point 3
15. Quiz
16. Exercise
17. Check Point 4
18. Entity, EntityReference, Attribute
19. Plugin step attribute – first plugin fine tuning
20. Working with different attribute types
21. Check Point 5
22. Sample Customization Requirements
23. Plugin #1: Pushing priority field updates to the related company contacts
24. Plugin #1: Using Queries with OrganizationService
25. Record Count, Paging, and Total Record Count
26. Exercise
27. Check Point 6
28. Plugin #1: Using a QueryExpression
29. Plugin #2: Validating the credit limit
29.1 Setting it up
29.2 Pre-Operation, Post-Operation, Pre-Image and Post-Image
29.3 Adding a Pre Image
29.4 Implementing the validations
30 Check Point 7
31 Exercise: Plugin #3
32 Plugin #3: Q & A and Working Sample
33 Remaining Theory
34.1 Sandboxed plugins vs Non-Sandboxed plugins
34.1 Synchronous vs Asynchronous
34.2 Transactions
34.3 Pre-Validation
34.4 Plugin Execution Order
34.5 Plugins Recursion
34.6 Early Bound vs Late Bound
35 Debugging the plugins
35.1 (Coming Soon) Raising errors: InvalidPluginExecutionException
35.2 (Coming Soon) Tracing Service
35.3 (Coming Soon) Plugin Profiler
36 Quiz

You are welcome to download complete training transcript as a pdf file, and I am hoping it will be useful as it is: Development.pdf

However, if you would rather register for an online training session/bootcamp, fill in the form below and I’ll drop you an email every time I have another session scheduled, so you’ll be able to decide if you want to join: