Monthly Archives: January 2019

Power Apps Components – let’s experiment!

  Well, if there is an experimental feature, let’s experiment! Having read through that page, I thought “wow.. can I create some kind of confirmation dialog using those components?” (Hint: if you are wondering how that worked out, scroll down to the bottom to see the recording) That was a crazy idea, I can… Read More »

Tricky Application ID-s

When looking at the application designer, we can see application ID in the link: It is the same appid that will be added to the url when you open your application in Dynamics: However, try adding that application(and the corresponding sitemap) to a solution, then export the solution, and have a look at the customizations.xml:… Read More »

April’19 release notes – is it, actually, a bit of a short-term roadmap?

There are lots of “new and planned” features mentioned in the April’19 release notes: But, it seems, those release notes are not just “release” notes – they are a bit of a roadmap, too. Have a look at the corresponding section for the Customer Service, for example: A lot of features will be… Read More »

Using a Canvas app with Dynamics CE to upload an image

  You probably know that we can extend entity forms with the canvas apps – this feature has been in the preview for a while now: It would be interesting to find some useful application for this new functionality, so I figured why don’t I use it to add “image upload” area to a… Read More »

The twists of duplicate detection

  There is an interesting twist with the duplicate detection in Dynamics which kind of makes sense once you realize this is how it works, but it may not be obvious at first. Imagine that you have duplicate detection rules configured for a certain entity, and most of your users have business-unit access to that… Read More »

What the heck is a reference panel?!

(Update) this seems to be old news because of this older post:    No navigation icons on the screenshots there, though.. hm..   While looking at the Health Care Accelerator solution earlier today, I noticed this strange navigation panel on the right: Have never seen it before, so I tried clicking some of those items. Lo… Read More »

Dynamics login errors

I see the error below relatively often, since it’s not extremely unusual to see a user that was created without giving that user any roles in Dynamics (or, maybe, that user was moved to another business unit and lost his/her roles in the process): The error is absolutely clear – we just need to assign… Read More »

What’s wrong with those security roles?

You know how security roles in Dynamics are duplicated for each business units, right? So you have a role in the root BU, and there is a copy of that role in each of the child business units. So what would you be thinking if there were a role in the root business unit for… Read More »