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A tricky Flow

I got a tricky Power Automate Flow the other day – it was boldly refusing to meet my expectations in what it was supposed to do. In retrospect, as much as I would want to say that it was all happening since Power Automate was in a bad mood, there seem to be a couple… Read More »

Bulk-loading inactive records to CDS

  When implementing ItAintBoring.Deployment powershell modules, I did not initially add support for the “status” and “status reason” fields. Usually, we don’t need to migrate inactive reference data, but there are always exceptions, and I just hit one the other day. Reality check. There is an updated version of the powershell script now, and there… Read More »

Environment Variables preview

  A number of folks have pointed out that solution environment variables are, now, in preview: I was looking at it yesterday, and, it seems, I’m having a bit mixed emotions. Environment variables seem to represent a hybrid experience: we can work with them in the model-driven application, but we can also work with… Read More »

Self-Service Purchase Capabilities for Power Platform

  You may have heard of it already, but there is going to be a new way to purchase Power Platform services soon – Self-Service Purchase Capabilities are arriving in November: There is a corresponding FAQ page that answers some of the questions you may have: One thing to keep in mind, though, is… Read More »

Readonly = impression, FieldSecurity = impression + access restrictions, Plugins = controlled changes

  Why is it not enough to make a field readonly on the form if you want to secure your data from unintended changes? Because there are at least 2 simple ways to unlock such fields: 1. Level up extension from Natraj Yegnaraman Here is how read-only fields look before you apply “God Mode”: Then… Read More »

Using PowerShell to export/import solutions, data, and Word Templates

  I blogged about it before, but now that ItAintBoring.CDS.PowerShell library has been fine tuned, it might be time to do it again. There are three parts to this post: Introduction ItAintBoring.CDS.PowerShell installation instructions ItAintBoring.CDS.PowerShell usage example   INTRODUCTION There are different ways we can set up ci/cd – we can use Azure Devops, we… Read More »