Monthly Archives: July 2018

October ’18 release overview is out there

  October release overview (probably more like a preview) is out there: It’s a huge document this time, but it’s worth spending some time at least scanning through it – you will find some interesting content, such as: Document management capabilities will be added to the portals There will be reusable content blocks for… Read More »

Dynamics: disabling all controls for an attribute

Here is something that does not come up often.. When you have a few controls for the same attribute added to the form, using Xrm.Page.getControl(“<name>”).setDisabled won’t enable/disable all of them – it will only work for the first control on the form. At least in the 8.2 version. If you wanted to do the same… Read More »

Setting up Teams

  I like freebies – who does not? So, now that Microsoft Teams are free, I figured I just have to have them. (Want to have them for free, too? Just go here: ) I mean, I did not really know much about teams – have not been using them where I work, and,… Read More »

Dynamics implementation as beer tasting

  Ryan Maclean made an interesting analogy in his recent post: I’d really recommend reading it; though I’d like to warn you right here.. after reading Ryan’s post, you may find that making tea is not ever going to be simple again.  Actually, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the potential complexity of… Read More »

Business Analysts and Scrum

Still trying to figure out some of the basics, I guess. On a non-scrum project, we would normally have titles such as a developer, a tester, a business analyst, etc. But, since Scrum does not recognize titles within the development team, and since there are only 3 roles in Scrum, the only “role” business analysts… Read More »

PSM I (Professional Scrum Master I)

I have to say that taking PSM I test probably produced more adrenaline within an hour (that’s how long you can spend on this test) than taking any of the Dynamics exams, but this is because Scrum is something more theoretical to me. It’s simple with Dynamics – here is how you do the plugins,… Read More »