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Your own dev environment is the only real support guarantee when it comes to the open source solutions (aka Github-based).. #DynamicsConsulting

With any open source solution for Dynamics (aka Github-based), the only real support guarantee is to get the source code to your own dev environment and to build it there. Only then can you safely use that solution in production.. Don’t do that, and you’ll find yourself in trouble when the author abandons that solution and you will have to… Read More »

I’m doing the best I can – is it so bad to say?

I ran into this blog post today: Which is discussing the implications of saying “I’m doing the best I can”. And, suddenly, I don’t agree with the seemingly obvious. Why? Well, apparently one can use that kind of language to justify their lack of actions. On the other hand, we have natural limits, yet those… Read More »

Step into the emptiness

I noticed a strange thing about those stairs in my house. It’s a split house, so, every night, I would turn off the lights in the living room and go upstairs.. And what I hate about it is that almost every single time I would keep going up when there are no stairs anymore. Did… Read More »

Why best practices in IT are not necessarily what we think they are

Lately, I have been observing how a commonly accepted approach to the business analysis collided with a little bit unorthodox business analysis methodology, so that made me thinking of what really makes a best practice.. Many of us start in the information technology industry through some sort of “science” education. For me, it was applied… Read More »

Visionaries – who are they

There are people who inspire, who seem to know what they are doing, and in whose presence you start seeing the picture. We call them visionaries. Somehow, I was wondering what differentiates visionary people from others. And, then, I realized that, while talking about this quality of the human beings, we often use it in an… Read More »

Electric Cars – are they worth it?

Every now and then, when our constantly-getting-older (but still not obsolete.. not even quite old yet) car needs some extra attention because of her age, we start looking around to see what could possibly replace her. This time around, there seem to be a few electric cars on the horizon which, I thought, would be… Read More »

Blogging: what’s in it for me?

What are the reasons I’m blogging? Even if it only happens occasionally? I used to blog in the past for a few years, then I sort of lost connection with that first blog.. And, eventually, I closed it. Now I’m starting to do it again, so why? This blog is not about making money –… Read More »