Monthly Archives: October 2017

Dynamics 365: Working with the virtual entities

It seems the basics of the Virtual Entities have been covered in the blog post below while this feature was still in the preview: Now that we do have it in V9, it seems that one major issue that will be limiting our ability to use Virtual Entities in the real-life scenario is security because Virtual… Read More »

Dynamics 365: SDK 9.0 assemblies are available now

While we still cannot download complete V9 SDK for Dynamics 365, I just noticed that Nuget packages for V9 are available now. So those of us who need SDK assemblies to develop plugins/applications can now install those packages: There will likely be other new features there,  but one of those which would not be available… Read More »

Dynamics 365: Action Steps public preview – can we customize opportunity close window now?

  There is an interesting new feature available in the public preview now: You will find more details on what other feature are available if you look at this blog post: When I saw the description of the action steps there, here is what I wanted to try right away(custom opportunity close dialog): And… Read More »

Dynamics 365: Users Without Security Roles

In the 9.0 version of Dynamics 365 we can now use “does not contain” condition (which is, basically, “does not exist”) on the related records: So this is what I tried when I wanted to see all users without any security roles: This, however, produced an error: To use this saved view, you must… Read More »

Known Issues in V9

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this kind of comprehensive “known issues” page for the earlier releases of Dynamics 365/CRM, but it’s definitely worth looking at just so you are aware of some of the issues you may run into in V9: Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement General Availability Readme (Known Issues) I just tried reproducing a couple of… Read More »