Dynamics 365: Action Steps public preview – can we customize opportunity close window now?

By | October 26, 2017


There is an interesting new feature available in the public preview now:


You will find more details on what other feature are available if you look at this blog post:


When I saw the description of the action steps there, here is what I wanted to try right away(custom opportunity close dialog):


And it would work just fine if I could reload the form after this action has executed which, it seems, I cannot do right now, so the opportunity keeps showing up as an “open” opportunity until the screen has been refreshed manually. I’m pretty sure we can find an unsupported way to attach some javascript there, but would not it be nice to have it all supported out of the box?

Either way, if you want to see this feature in the next release, and, possibly, if you wanted to add other comments, here is a link you can use to vote for the idea that’s been already submitted to the idea portal:

Bring Action Steps to GA

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