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Record ownership across business units (aka “matrix data access structure”) – it’s here now

I’ve been diligently checking for this setting in my admin portal a few times per week lately, and, finally, it has arrived: Before you proceed, you might want to read my earlier intro post for this feature: https://www.itaintboring.com/dynamics-crm/matrix-business-units-the-cool-new-way-of-setting-up-user-security-in-microsoft-dataverse/ In this post, I’m just going to show how this works. First of all, don’t be surprised… Read More »

Canvas app error: the requested operation is invalid. Server Response: _scrubbedSensitiveData_

Here is an interesting error I ran into the other day: It does sound like there was something in the server response that was considered “sensitive data”, but what could have happened? The screenshot above is, actually, from the application I created specifically to reproduce the error and see why it’s happening, so it’s very… Read More »

DataSourceInfo – checking table permissions

You might have seen Lance Delano’s post about permissions support functions: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/permissions-support-in-datasourceinfo-and-new-recordinfo-functions-for-dataverse/ This can be very useful, and it sort of feels this might be part of the functionality that would be required to use Power FX when configuring command bar buttons in model driven apps (since we would need to disable/enable those buttons based… Read More »