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Power Automate word templates in Model-Driven apps – forms integration

Now that we went through the process of creating a Power Automate flow that’s using Word Template action, why don’t we get this integrated into a model-driven application?   Let’s first create a very simple invoice form. You should be able to do it easily (or you could use any other entity – I’m just… Read More »

Entities are Tables now, so what?

You have probably heard that Entities are Tables now? If not, have a look here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-ca/powerapps/maker/common-data-service/data-platform-intro#terminology-updates Well, am I thrilled about it? Am I concerned about it? Quite frankly, we should all get used, by now, to all those changes in the product names and/or in the terminology around Microsoft products. Sometimes, those changes are… Read More »

Retrieving environment variable value in Javascript

The script below might help if you wanted to read CDS environment variable value in your javascript web resource. top.environmentVariables = []; function getEnvironmentVariableInternal(varName){ “use strict”; top.environmentVariables[varName] = null; Xrm.WebApi.retrieveMultipleRecords(“environmentvariabledefinition”, `?$top=1&fetchXml=<fetch version=’1.0′ output-format=’xml-platform’ mapping=’logical’ distinct=’true’> <entity name=’environmentvariabledefinition’> <attribute name=’defaultvalue’ /> <filter type=’and’> <condition attribute=’schemaname’ operator=’eq’ value=’` + varName + `’ /> </filter> <link-entity name=’environmentvariablevalue’ from=’environmentvariabledefinitionid’… Read More »

Can’t see “Edit Filters” button in the classic solution designer for a view? Here is one reason why

There is, really, not a lot to write about it. The screenshot below says it all: There is one link missing on the right side, which is “Edit Filter Criteria”. It does show up for some other views, though: But, from what I could see, it disappears once the view(or, possibly, the filters) has been… Read More »

Reporting and document generation in Power Platform

For some reason, the part of Power Platform that used to be Dynamics CRM (and was, then, transformed into what’s called “first party” applications) has always been limited in its reporting and document generation capabilities. It’s still the case, it seems, and it’s a strange situation for an enterprise-grade platform. After all, what’s the point… Read More »

Add intelligent File Download button to your model-driven (or canvas) apps

How do we add file download button to the model-driven apps? To start with, why would we even want to do it? There can be some interesting scenarios there, one being to allow your users to download PowerAutomate-generated word templates (see my previous post). That, of course, requires some custom development, since you may want… Read More »