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I’m doing the best I can – is it so bad to say?

I ran into this blog post today: Which is discussing the implications of saying “I’m doing the best I can”. And, suddenly, I don’t agree with the seemingly obvious. Why? Well, apparently one can use that kind of language to justify their lack of actions. On the other hand, we have natural limits, yet those… Read More »

Dynamics CRM: Creating navigation tabs

Once upon a time, there was a project where an attempt was made to use Dynamics CRM business process stages as navigation tabs. I think it happened, at first, because of some misunderstanding of what business processes are and how they are supposed to be utilized. Still, as I joined the team a few months ago,… Read More »

Step into the emptiness

I noticed a strange thing about those stairs in my house. It’s a split house, so, every night, I would turn off the lights in the living room and go upstairs.. And what I hate about it is that almost every single time I would keep going up when there are no stairs anymore. Did… Read More »

Disaster Recovery in Dynamics CRM online

Salesforce outage that happened this month has rightfully provoked all sorts of discussions about the dangers of cloud offerings. Most of those discussions are only theoretically interesting, since they are, for the most part, speculations on various aspects of what needs to be done to avoid this kind of situations, what the customers can do,… Read More »

Why best practices in IT are not necessarily what we think they are

Lately, I have been observing how a commonly accepted approach to the business analysis collided with a little bit unorthodox business analysis methodology, so that made me thinking of what really makes a best practice.. Many of us start in the information technology industry through some sort of “science” education. For me, it was applied… Read More »