UX Design Guidelines for Dynamics CRM

By | May 3, 2016

There is an interesting document that talks about some of the best practices for Dynamics CRM:


What’s really interesting is that it does not tell you what and how to do, but, rather, it explains what was the thinking behind Dynamics CRM design and what the expectations are. Once you know that, there is, really, only one option: you have to follow these ideas when implementing your Dynamics CRM solutions. Try anything else, and there is a good chance CRM will start working against you.

Before designing any CRM solution, think about user personas and objectives. Designing for the most specialized roles yields the best results. It’s also important to focus on actionable insights rather than just on data. To measure the success of a CRM implementation, measure outcomes and not actions. Last by not the least – use the right CRM UX components in the right place of the user flow. Following the guidelines in this document can allow for optimal user experience and successful CRM implementations.

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