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Power Platform training course

re you or your team looking for a guided training on some / all of the topics below? Here is how it works: 1. Power Platform Security We will look at the Dataverse security model and its implications for different Power Platform components. Time-permitting, we will also discuss related aspects of Sharepoint security, quickly review… Read More »

Dynamics Plugin Developer Training

I’ve been working on the Dynamics Plugin Developer Course lately, and, it seems, it’s finally shaping up: Plugin Developer Course At this point, I may need a few “testers”  (although, guinea pigs might be a better name for what you are going to be up to since I really need to test the whole model on… Read More »

An Introduction to Dynamics Toolbox

“Another third-party solution? Oh, no!” – frustrated Dynamics admin Don’t you worry! This is not yet another solution for Dynamics. This is more like a reference material for  anyone willing to work efficiently with Dynamics (besides, I already have TCS Tools solution.. in case you were, actually, expecting a solution:) ) Here is the analogy. Every home builder will… Read More »