Monthly Archives: July 2019

Power Apps ALM with Git (theory)

  I’ve been definitely struggling to figure out any kind of sane “merge” process for the configuration changes, so I figured I’d just try to approach ALM differently using the old good “master configuration” idea ( Here is what I came up with so far:   There are two repositories in Git: one for the… Read More »

Team development for PowerApps

  Team development for Dynamics has always been a little vague topic. To start with, it’s usually recommended to use SolutionPackager – presumably, that helps with the source control since you can unpack solution files, then pack them, then observe how individual components have changed from one commit to another. But what does it really… Read More »

Public Preview of PowerApps Build Tools

  Recently, there was an interesting announcement from the Power Apps Team: Before I continue, I wanted to quickly summarize the list of Azure DevOps tasks available in this release. Here it goes: PowerApps Tools Installer PowerApps Import Solution PowerApps Export Solution PowerApps Unpack Solution PowerApps Pack Solution PowerApps Set Solution Version PowerApps Deploy… Read More »