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Using PowerShell to export/import solutions, data, and Word Templates

  I blogged about it before, but now that ItAintBoring.CDS.PowerShell library has been fine tuned, it might be time to do it again. There are three parts to this post: Introduction ItAintBoring.CDS.PowerShell installation instructions ItAintBoring.CDS.PowerShell usage example   INTRODUCTION There are different ways we can set up ci/cd – we can use Azure Devops, we… Read More »

A PowerShell script to import/export solutions and data

Sep 26: A newer version of this post is available here: I have never been a big supporter of the configuration migration tool simply because it seems strange that we need to export data manually while preparing a package for the package deployer. I am also on the fence when it comes to the… Read More »

PowerShell and Dynamics/PowerApps

  I was working on a PowerShell script, and I just could not get past the error below: “Element ‘’ contains data from a type that maps to the name ‘System.Management.Automation:PSObject’. The deserializer has no knowledge of any type that maps to this name” Yet I was not trying to do anything extraordinary (other than… Read More »