Code Now plugin for XrmToolBox

By | August 5, 2017

Code Now plugin for XrmToolBox

Strictly speaking, it’s not part of TCS Tools. But, either way.. it’s kind of cool to be able to run C# code directly from XrmToolBox, especially when you need to do something quickly. You can do it with the Code Now plugin right now:

To install the plugin, just download it from the XrmToolBox plugin store

DISCLAIMER: You can use TCS Tools and Code Now plugin on your Dynamics projects – there are no strings attached. However, if you do so, that means you agree that the author (me) cannot be held responsible for any issues that may or may not occur in your environment due to the use of these tools.
If you there is an issue with the CodeNow plugin you wanted to get fixed, or if you have a suggestion to implement, drop me a message:

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