Syntax highlighting for the Code Now XrmToolBox plugin

By | July 23, 2017

You know you can run C# code directly from XrmToolBox now, right?

Let’s use XrmToolBox to run your C# code into Dynamics!

In the original version, there was no syntax highlighting, so your code might look really boring.. all black and white, no colors at all. If that felt a little depressing, here is an updated version:

You will also notice that you can save your code to a file and/or load it from a file in this version, so you can start creating mini libraries to re-use later. Just make sure to download updated version of the Code Now plugin – you can follow the instructions provided in the original article:

Have fun CRM-ing (or is it 365-ing now?)

PS. Adding those colors to the plugin became possible thanks to this awesome open-source library shared by Pavel Torgashov:

PPS.¬†CodeNow plugin has a home page now, so don’t be a stranger – stop by any time:¬†


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