Monthly Archives: September 2017

Related entities in Word Templates

A few days ago I wrote a blog post about word/excel templates: And got a few interesting responses – it’s great to have readers who can point out something you don’t know. One of the comments was that we can’t, really, control how related entities in Word Templates are retrieved. Come to think of… Read More »

Word/Excel Templates rock in Dynamics

  All the Dynamics projects I’m working on right now are still on 2013-2015 versions of Dynamics, and they are all on-prem implementations. This is because all of them are for different government departments here in Ottawa, and, somehow, 2016 version still has not arrived to this place. So, all those fancy features available out… Read More »

A case for custom development in Dynamics

  A few days ago I was talking to a prospective client, and, once again, the question of how to approach custom development came up. My immediate response was more along the lines of having as little custom development as possible on the Dynamics projects since, more often than not, those customizations are implemented by… Read More »

C# code to upload files as web resources

  This is not the most common development task by far, but that’s just one more reason to share the code since it took me a little while earlier today to assemble it from different sources. Here is how you can upload all the files from the specified folder to Dynamics as web resources: 1.… Read More »

Virtual Entities in Dynamics 365

I think it’s the first time I’m writing a blog post about a feature that I can’t really try, at least not yet. Virtual Entities.. What could be the holy grail of integrations.. They are coming in the next release, so I can’t stop thinking of what this might mean for all the integrations we… Read More »