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Securing email details while keeping emails visible to all users

Sometimes, project requirements can take an interesting turn, and we may need to think of unusual solutions. Fortunately, we have powerful options up the sleeve, since, after all, we are not talking about some kind of a csv file here – it’s Microsoft Dataverse! So, when it comes to the activity tables in Power Platform,… Read More »

Power Platform Developers – what does the future hold?

It seems this old new debate is starting again, so now that Jukka and Natraj have posted great articles on the topic: https://jukkaniiranen.com/2021/04/democratizing-code/ https://dreamingincrm.com/2021/04/08/does-power-platform-need-developers-anymore/ I really can’t help but chime in, even if not on that same scale. See, I code. However, I used to write about it before, and I’m still stating the same:… Read More »

Powerapps Portals: header and footer caching

When setting up profile page for newly registered users yesterday (which I wrote about here: https://www.itaintboring.com/dynamics-crm/power-apps-portals-redirecting-newly-registered-users-to-a-custom-page/), I ran into something that I did not realize first. And, then, while digging around tonight, it all became crystal clear. Yep, header and footers are cached, so some of the Liquid code we may expect to work in… Read More »

Power Apps Portals: redirecting newly registered users to a custom page

When registering on the portal, users are, normally, redirected to the  profile page by default. It seems, though, this is not, really, configurable, through the portal settings, so is there a workaround? It seems this should be doable, but, first, let’s look at another screenshot here: What this means is that, once a user is… Read More »

Adding CRUD to Virtual Entities

As everybody else has already noticed, CRUD support has been added to the Virtual Entities: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/developer/data-platform/virtual-entities/sample-ve-provider-crud-operations A while ago, I blogged about how we can use canvas apps with virtual entities, and there was a sample plugin there: https://www.itaintboring.com/dynamics-crm/virtual-entities-revisited-setting-up-a-virtual-entity/ So, I figured, I’d just try updating that plugin to support create/update/delete. Since it is, already,… Read More »

Have you visited preview version of the maker portal lately? There is solution treeview there

If there is any single feature I’ve been missing ever since new maker portal started to take over from the classic solution designer, it’s the treeview. However, have you visited preview version of the maker portal lately? Some things are definitely brewing there, and one of them is new solution experience which brings back… right,… Read More »