Readonly = impression, FieldSecurity = impression + access restrictions, Plugins = controlled changes

  Why is it not enough to make a field readonly on the form if you want to secure your data from unintended changes? Because there are at least 2 simple ways to unlock such fields: 1. Level up extension from Natraj Yegnaraman Here is how read-only fields look before you apply “God Mode”: Then… Read More »

Lookups behavior in Wave 2 – recent items, wildcard search, magnifying glass button, etc

  I am wondering how many of us have missed this post: “Preview for usability enhancements to lookups in Unified Interface” I certainly did. So, to summarize, here is what’s happening now when you are clicking that magnifying glass button in the lookup field: If “recent list” is enabled for the lookup, you will… Read More »

Using PowerShell to export/import solutions, data, and Word Templates

  I blogged about it before, but now that ItAintBoring.CDS.PowerShell library has been fine tuned, it might be time to do it again. There are three parts to this post: Introduction ItAintBoring.CDS.PowerShell installation instructions ItAintBoring.CDS.PowerShell usage example   INTRODUCTION There are different ways we can set up ci/cd – we can use Azure Devops, we… Read More »

PCF controls in Canvas Apps and why using Xrm namespace might not be a good idea

  I wanted to see how a custom PCF control would work in a canvas app, and, as it turned out, it just works if you make sure this experimental feature has been enabled in the environment: You also need to enable components for the app: So, since I tried it for the Validated… Read More »

If there are errors you can’t easily see in the Flow designer, look at the complex actions – the errors might be hidden inside

Having deployed my Flow in the Test environment earlier today, I quickly realized it was not working. Turned out Flow designer was complaining about the connections in the Flow with the following error: Some of the connections are not authorized yet. If you just created a workflow from a template, please add the authorized connections… Read More »

Upcoming API call limits: a few things to keep in mind

  Microsoft is introducing daily API call limits in the October licensing: This will affect all user accounts, all types of licenses, all types of applications/flows. Even non-interactive/application/admin user accounts will be affected. This may give you a bit of a panic attack when you are reading it the first time, but there are a… Read More »