Azure AD is your only identity provider in dev, and you need your users to skip the usual “sign in” page?

If you only had one identity provider, and if you wanted your users to skip the intermediate sign in page, you could use LoginButtonAuthenticationType site setting to achieve just that. However, if that single provider were Azure AD, you’d need to figure out the value to use for the site setting. Here it goes: At… Read More »

Power pages snippet rendering – 3 options, 3 different HTML outputs

As described on Microsoft learning, there are 3 ways we can render snippets in Power Pages: A developer can place a snippet using Liquid: {{ snippets[“<>”] }}, {% editable snippets ‘<>’ %}, or {% include ‘snippet’ snippet_name:'<>’ %}. Customize content by using content snippets | Microsoft Learn It looks like it’s more or less interchangeable,… Read More »