Here goes an unusual combination of old and new technologies, sprinkled with a bunch of howto-s

We don’t always get to choose the technology we work with in the Power Platform world. Strict security, missing subscriptions, long approvals… if you’ve ever worked on the government projects, you know the drill. However, sometimes, this leads to a very unusual combination of tools and technologies, and, in this series of posts, I’m going… Read More »

Adding OpenAI-powered chat? Well, why not…

I’ve been playing with OpenAI API for the last few days, so I’ve learned quite a bit 😉 The immediate outcome is that you can now try talking to the AI assistant here: It’s not unlimited chat, OpenAI api is a pay per token service, so please do not start spamming my assistant 🙄… Read More »

User Dataverse connector with non-current environments

Quick note to whoever is reading: this post is a bit of an experiment. It’s useful, but it pretty much sticks to the facts and there is no personal touch. This is intentional, there is another post which explains why Back in October, Microsoft has started rolling out updates to the Dataverse connector which will… Read More »

AI, Copilots, ChatGPT – there is something about them that makes them quite different from the traditional sources of information

First, there were people talking to each other. It was hard to pass knowledge around other than from one person to another directly. Then, there was writing. One person would write something, and others would read it. Those other ones would not necessarily need to explain everything that’s already been written to someone else, they’d… Read More »

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Did MVP program actually get some things wrong?

With Jukka officially opting out of the MVP program it’s hard not to be willing to chime in, at least a little bit. I guess you’ve seen his post by now, but, if not, it’s definitely worth looking at. Just as with about anything he writes about, he beats it to death, puts a few… Read More »