ITA Business Rules – try this if you wanted to set up advanced server-side validation rules

These are not the same business rules you are used to in Dataverse – these are relying on the plugins and FetchXML, so, technically, there is nothing new since we’ve been using plugins forever. However, the cool thing about them is that: Everything is in git, and you’ll find plugin source codes, as well as… Read More »

Managed environments and licensing

More and more capabilities are getting release which are only available in the managed environments, so one might ask why don’t we make all our environments managed? First of all, what features are made available through the managed environments these days? It’s these four: Here is a link for your reference: Now there is,… Read More »

Dataverse IP Firewall (and how to get yourself unblocked)

You may have seen the announcement – we can now configure Dataverse IP Firewall per managed environment: This is only possible in the managed environments, so all the licensing and other considerations still apply. Also, when specifying the IP address, you actually need to use CIDR format (classless inter-domain routing), which looks like this:… Read More »

Why 500 matters for Canvas Apps?

There is something magical about five hundred: AND, ready for the next one? There is 500 limit on the number of controls you should be adding to your canvas applications: I am pretty sure you can add more, of course. There is no hard limit – as in, your application will not stop working… Read More »

CoE Power Chat session on Apr 6

Well, the session today did not work quite as I expected, since, out of about 12 registrations, no one showed up 🙄 That might be an indication of a badly organized event to be fair, but, in either case, I figured with no one showing up I’ll just end the meeting (in case you were… Read More »