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Code Now plugin for XrmToolBox

Code Now plugin for XrmToolBox Strictly speaking, it’s not part of TCS Tools. But, either way.. it’s kind of cool to be able to run C# code directly from XrmToolBox, especially when you need to do something quickly. You can do it with the Code Now plugin right now: Let’s use XrmToolBox to run your C#… Read More »

A selfie for your worfklow

Imagine your were a workflow, and you were configured to start on the update of a few different attributes. Well, maybe you were a workflow which were supposed to start on the update of email and phone# fields on the account entity. You would be a great workflow, and you could do lots of things.… Read More »

TCS Tools: Expressions Syntax (CRMContext object and Sequence function)

CRMContext is a special object that is available to you in the code expressions, and that provides some core properties / methods you can use to work with Dynamics. Here is an example of a code expression that’s using CRMContext: CRMContext.Target[“name”] = “First Account”; This expression is going to set “name” parameter of the target record… Read More »

TCS Tools: Solution Summary

TCS Tools is a set of components for Dynamics 365 – it’s a work in progress solution, you can find the summary of those components below. Feel free to download it and deploy in your Dynamics instance. Don’t forget to keep me posted on how it works out for you. In order to deploy the solution, follow… Read More »