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By | February 3, 2020

It’s been a while since I’ve updated TCS Tools the last time – there are a few reasons for that, of course. First of all, the most popular component in that solution has always been “attribute setter” which essentially allowed to do advanced operations in the workflows using FetchXml:

  • Using FetchXml to query and update related child records (or to run a workflow on them)
  • Using FetchXml to query and update related parent record (or to run a workflow on that record)


with the Power Automate Flows taking over process automation from the classic workflows, most of that can now be done right in the Flows, though there are a couple of areas where TCS Tools might still be useful:

  • Real-time classic workflows (since there are no real-time Flows)
  • Dynamics On-premise


With the on-premise version, it’s getting really complicated these days. I know it does exist in different flavors (8.2 is, likely, the most popular). Unfortunately, I have no way of supporting on-premise anymore.

This only leaves real-time classic workflows in the online version as a “target” for TCS Tools at the moment.

With all that said, I just released a minor update which fixes an issue with the special characters not being encoded properly (for the details, have a look at the “invalid XML” comments here)

To download and deploy the update, just follow the same steps described in the original post:

6 thoughts on “TCS Tools v

  1. Stephen Pryke

    Hi, TCS Tools looks exactly like what I’ve been searching for for a while to solve a couple of big issues – more than 10 rollups and querying and completing a lookup field. Unfortunately after installing it, I only see TCS Tools > Code Expression as an option in the workflow actions. Any ideas what might be wrong?

    FYI when I imported the solution, it said that it completed successfully.


      1. Thomas Sandsør

        Getting the same when importing to a new environment. I can’t find the “Attribute Setter” in the TCS tools section of the Workflow.

        Am I doing it wrong?:)

        1. Joshua Heins

          I am having the same issue. Can only see Code Expression and no other options

  2. Donal


    Thanks so much for TCS Tools – saved my life many times.*
    You mention above that Power Automate can now do much of what TCS did previously – any pointers as to how to do the roll up without limitations?


    1. Alex Shlega Post author

      Hey Donal, wouldn’t it work if you created a Flow where you’d use fetchxml to query all the records you need, and, then, would run a foreach loop on the results to calculate the summaries?


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