TCS Tools: Updates and fixes (v1.0.16.0)

By | September 4, 2018


An updated version of TCS Tools is available – it fixes an issue with simple type(number, text, etc) fields not being updated in some situations, and, also, adds the ability to run an on-demand workflow on all the entities returned from fetch Xml:


For example, the configuration record above will instruct TCS Tools to update firstname field on the contact records associated with the account (through the accountid) – it will use  “name” field for the update, and, then, “Set Contact Phone” workflow will run on each of those contacts.

You can leave any of the sections empty if you wish – it could be only the workflow or only the field update.

Just remember that  you need to create a workflow and pass that configuration record to the Lookup Setter activity for all this to work:


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