Early transition to the UCI – possibly a false alarm yet

By | December 4, 2019

We all know that by October 2020 classic web client will be retiring, and UCI interface will take over everywhere where the classic web client might still be reigning at the moment of writing this post.

This can be a very sensitive topic, though, and it can be quite confusing, too. As mentioned in this post, it seems Microsoft is now scheduling the transition for early 2020, and, quite frankly, that may scare the hell out of anybody in the community.

So, I just wanted to clarify something. From what I understand, this early transition is not the same as getting rid of the classic solution designer or settings area. There is a bunch of environments I work with which have already been transitioned:


This screenshot is coming directly from the runone portal (https://runone.powerappsportals.com/ ) where you can review the environments and schedule/postpone the updates.

I can still do all my administrative tasks and solution configuration in the classic interface in that transitioned environment:


What I can’t do – I can’t work with the actual applications in the classic interface in those environments anymore.

In other words, what this change will bring over is “UCI for the end users”, but not yet “UCI for the admins”. Mind you it’s not necessarily making this easy for the end users, but we have all been warned a while ago, and the clock is definitely ticking very loud now, but, at least, I don’t think we should be concerned about losing the ability to use classic solution designer or to create/update classic workflows with this early transition in 2020 (which might be in preparation for the eventual “full” transition later in the year)

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