Dynamics 365 Tip: Beware of the Form Order in 365

By | April 27, 2017

For a very long time now, Dynamics has been offering the ability to create multiple main forms per entity. Those forms are aware of the Dynamics security, so we can use them to give different users different views into the data. So far so good, there is nothing new there.

However, there is something in Dynamics 365 that I have not noticed before.

Let me ask you something.. As a system administrator, if you open a record for an entity that has more than one form, which form, do you think, will show up when you do either of the following:

  • Click “Form” button in the record screen to update the form?
  • Try to mass-edit the record?

I believe it used to be that, at least for the “Form” button, the form you were using at that time would show up in the form designer. Yet mass edit would use the last form you used for that entity type. I might be wrong, and I have no way of testing it for the earlier version of Dynamics right now, but I’m pretty sure it used to work differently from how it works now.

The form that will show up in both cases is, actually, the form that is on top of the “Form Order” for that entity(I am talking about the “main” entity forms):

Of course there is always another way, at least with the form designer: you can choose the form you want to edit from the customizations area. However, when it comes to the Mass Edit.. Well, beware of the Form Order – it’s a mighty one in 365!

And you will find a bit more info about how to set the form order here..

3 thoughts on “Dynamics 365 Tip: Beware of the Form Order in 365

  1. Joseph Bonomo

    Wish I would have read your article before upgrading, major issue that it no longer remembers the form you were last on. We have what we call “bulk edit” forms that have only certain fields open and certain security to allow users to edit fields in mass that are locked on other forms. Now this no longer works unless its the first form in the list, another Microsoft gem when updating

  2. Marco Henrichs

    That is exactly what I was looking for. Because we were struggling with the default form of the bulk edition function of the advanced find.

    Thank you!


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