Dynamics 365 (V9): No target version when exporting a solution

By | November 5, 2017

Edited on Nov 6: As Jonas Rapp mentioned in the comments below, the behavior described below is expected. It still makes it a bit different from what we may be used to because there is no on-premise V9 as of now, so, if anyone is still using on-prem dev enviornment, there is no way to sync back from online to onprem till there is a V9 on-prem.


If you are still using different versions of Dynamics (maybe a mix of on-prem and online), there seem to be a bug in V9 that may affect this process. It seems that V9 is not allowing us to choose the target version when exporting a solution. Here is how it looks like in the on-prem 2016 (8.2) version:


That screen above is followed by the screen below:


Which is how it should be (have a look here for the details: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn689055.aspx )

V9, on the other hand, does not have that version selector screen at all (at least as of Nov 5):



Instead, it just exports the solution.

Problem is, that solution gets exported as a V9 solution, so, when trying to import it back into 8.2, for example, 8.2 displays an error message:


Not sure if that change was intentional or not, but, either way, may need to keep this in mind for now.

Also not sure if this would be an issue.. I think it might be since what it means is that we can’t get V9 solutions to on-prem anymore. If that’s something you’d want to get back, here is a link to the CRM idea portal where you can upvote the idea:


5 thoughts on “Dynamics 365 (V9): No target version when exporting a solution

  1. Jonas Rapp

    Target version has only been available for minors within the same major version, and v9 still only has v9.0.
    You have never been able to export for an earlier major version… (unfortunately)

  2. Steeve G.

    Is someone have information about the release date of v9.0 on-premise?

  3. Bernard Vixseboxse

    This issue also occurs for version 9.1: it is not possible to export a solution for version 9.0, which is quite annoying.

  4. Benedikt

    have you found a solution for this?
    We do have the same issue as well, like Bernard mentioned in version 9.1 of CRM.

    1. Alex Shlega Post author

      It’s really by design – with Microsoft implementing “everyone on the same version” update policy it’s not supposed to be an issue.. Well, of course it’s a bit more complicated since some of us are still stuck on the older versions, especially those working in the on-premise environments..


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