A validation step that won’t validate

By | November 17, 2017

A plugin registered in the validation step won’t intercept any of the changes that get added to the plugin Target in the pre-create. It seems so obvious.. but it’s not something I’d normally be thinking about when developing the plugins.

One of the plugin patterns most of us like using looks like this:

– We would create a pre-operation plugin

– In that plugin, we would populate some attributes of the plugin Target

That way, we can save time/resources which would, otherwise, be required if we did the same in the post-operation plugin (since we would have to call service.Update on the target entity in the post-operation):


This process works great, most of the times. There is one exception.. If we wanted to validate something in the pre-validation, that validation won’t work for whatever changes we would add in the pre-operation. There is no going back in that sequence above.

Imagine we had a plugin that would not allow any changes to the description field on the account entity:


Here, I have created two steps.





Everything looks right – I’m getting an error message when trying to update description field on the account form:


But, if I don’t update description field manually, and, instead, update some other field just so Pre-Operation plugin would kick in.. that plugin would have absolutely no problems updating the description field:



That’s exactly because those changes would happen after the validation step. Actually, the same may happen if we do these validations in the pre-operation if we configure incorrect execution order on the steps.

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