Not applying for my MVP renewal, but why?

By | April 3, 2024

I think I have finally made piece with the decision not to apply for my MVP renewal, but it’s still worth a bit of an explanation. It won’t be long, though.

First of all, when Andrey Butenko asked if I’d be interested in being considered for an MVP award back in 2017, I thought “wow, sure I would”. After all, it’s sort of a highly coveted award in this field, so, yes, it was an honor, it was a recognition, and it was something I definitely wanted to have back then. Well, in that sense Andrey is the godfather of my MVP award 😊, and I probably can’t thank him enough for the experience.

However, fast forward, it’s 2024 now, and, somehow, I just can’t find the drive to keep playing the MVP role. Power Platform is my bread and butter, it’s what I work with every day; my goal, as it always used to be, is to keep offering the best possible solutions to the clients, but it’s, mostly, the latter that’s driving me now, it’s not so much the explorative/knowledge sharing approach that an MVP is supposed to have.

You’ve probably noticed it from the number of blog posts I have had here over the last year. There are still posts, but they are not happening as often as they used to happen.

Every now and then, while working on the projects, I run into something that’s worth sharing (even if it’s only worth sharing since it helps me organize my own “knowledge base” for the future), but the balance between “sharing often” (since that’s what an MVP needs to be doing) and “sharing when there is something to share” has shifted towards the latter.

Interestingly enough, this approach takes off the “edge” – I don’t need to bother anymore about having to share, I can just do it when and if I really have something (just need to push myself sometimes to write those things up, but that’s doable 😊).

That’s not enough for being an MVP, but… I have had my share of fun in the program, so I’m just letting it go, at least for now.

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