Gartner peer insights: Microsoft vs Salesforce vs SAP

By | May 8, 2018

Normally, I don’t like participating in any kind of Dynamics vs SalesForce vs Oracle vs .. discussion, since, in my mind, those are all great products, and the success of every particular implementation depends more on the skills and experience of the team working there than on the product itself. So the purpose of this post is not to start such a discussion.

However, I was looking for some reviews of the Field Service and found Gartner Peer Insights site below. There is something interesting about the numbers – you can actually see them for yourself here:


Even though Microsoft has the same overall peer rating as SAP, and it’s not that far behind SalesForce from that standpoint,  there is a huge difference in the percentage of Microsoft customers who would be willing to recommend Dynamics when you compare that to the SalesForce or SAP customers. Well, that difference is not in favor of Dynamics, that’s the interesting part.

Just a little over 50% of the clients would be willing to recommend the product.. I am not a specialist in the client attrition etc, but I have a feeling that’s a bit too low. Not sure why it’s happening.. but I am wondering if some of that is caused by all the changes Dynamics has been going through in the last few years (branding, portals, licensing, solutions lineup, etc)?

Either way, whatever it is, those are some interesting numbers to consider. I’m just hoping they will start getting better for Dynamics soon.

2 thoughts on “Gartner peer insights: Microsoft vs Salesforce vs SAP

  1. Ben Thompson

    Given the number of reviews it’s not actually a massive difference just a few more OKs rather than Greats.

    Reading the actual comments, I don’t think any of the issues are with the products – it’s issues around the edges, integrations, data migrations and support both from FastTrack and from partners (who may not be as knowledgeable as their claimed during their sales pitch).

    1. Alex Shlega Post author

      This is why I mentioned all the changes. Might be a bit of a leap, but that could be the reason why those edge cases keep happening. Although, statistically, yes, it’s not a massive difference. Still, that # for Dynamics is (statistically) more representative than the other two – would be nice to see it a little higher:)


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