Model-Driven Power Apps: Something went wrong

By | May 3, 2018

I love the idea of model-driven PowerApps. XRM is what I’ve been doing most of the time, so that kind of XRM-only plan would be just the right plan for me.

But what I do need is the ability to export/import solutions – so, seeing how model-driven PowerApps are, basically, re-using Dynamics 365 admin interfaces, I went for the regular solution building route:

  • Create a solution
  • Add an entity
  • Publish
  • Export the solution
  • Delete the entity
  • Delete the solution since I changed my mind along the way
  • Publish

It was all going exceptionally well, but, apparently, something went wrong at the very end of that process:


Something went wrong – An unknown error occurred

That’s not a very useful message, so, after hitting “Reload this page” a few times and reloading the browser, I tried creating another application and ended up looking at this message:


Organization ID not determined

So I’ve logged out.. closed the browser.. logged in at, and tried to create a new app. This time the error was starting to make sense:


The Solution ID is incorrect or missing

Ok, so maybe removing that new solution confused powerapps somehow? Turned out I was able to open All Solutions screen using Advanced Customizations option:


At which point I tried to import the solution exported before, and got another error:


This solution package cannot be imported because it contains invalid XML 

Long story short, the only way out of this error cycle was to create a new environment and to start creating a new application in that environment:


But I still need to find a way to do those solution manipulations.. any thoughts on what went wrong?

2 thoughts on “Model-Driven Power Apps: Something went wrong

  1. Michael Weber

    Hi Alex, may I suggest in such cases to open a support request in the Office 365 Admin Portal so the Microsoft Support Team can investigate and solve the issue. Thank you. (ps: great blog)

    1. Alex Shlega Post author

      Hi Michael,

      I’d be happy to open a case when/if I can really be helpful(which is, basically, when I can work with the support engineer).. as it is (quick personal trial, no time commitment), I think the purpose is more to describe the problem, and, if somebody else runs into a similar issue, at least they’ll know this may happen, so they’ll know to raise it as a support request. If there were a way to forward this kind of bug reports somewhere, that would be great though.


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