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Disaster Recovery in Dynamics CRM online

Salesforce outage that happened this month has rightfully provoked all sorts of discussions about the dangers of cloud offerings. Most of those discussions are only theoretically interesting, since they are, for the most part, speculations on various aspects of what needs to be done to avoid this kind of situations, what the customers can do,… Read More »

So, why is XRM awesome?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to say that XRM is flawless and/or that it fits anything and anyone. Not at all actually. If you gave me 15 minutes, I could keep complaining about missing XRM features for all that time. However, what I’m going to say is that, with the proper application of… Read More »

Dynamics XRM vs Dynamics CRM

I’ve been working with Dynamics CRM for over 5 years so far. That did involve various projects, for both private and public sectors. Some of those projects were more about CRM than others, but I’ve never seen a project where a client would take Dynamics CRM and start using it as is. There is always… Read More »