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Dynamics XRM vs Dynamics CRM

I’ve been working with Dynamics CRM for over 5 years so far. That did involve various projects, for both private and public sectors. Some of those projects were more about CRM than others, but I’ve never seen a project where a client would take Dynamics CRM and start using it as is. There is always… Read More »

I found a monster..

Ok, it’s all about the mood. Criticizing today.. What is Dynamics CRM these days? It’s a monster. Remember those long-gone days when we had CRM 4? Or CRM 2011? When there was no interactive service hub, when mobile applications were not there, when there was, essentially only one type of CRM forms, and when we… Read More »

Interesting Dynamics CRM position

Was looking at the Interactive Service Hub user guide and found something I have never seen before(well, maybe I was not looking properly) https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics/crm-customer-center/user-s-guide-for-the-new-interactive-service-hub.aspx#bkmk_Support It’s official: those of us who used to be called CRM Administrators, CRM Consultants, or CRM Developers can now be called CRM customizers  Well, I’m not sure if this is a… Read More »

Dynamics CRM 2013: Business Rules

Business rules in Dynamics 2013 seems to be a useful feature for at least a few reasons: They can replace javascript validations, at least to an extent. In other words, CRM administrators have an option to implement validations without involving developers/consultants Business rules work for mobile forms They are implemented as workflows(xaml). Potentially, there are… Read More »

Service Activities and capacity scheduling in Dynamics CRM

When working with service activities, we can use out of the box scheduling feature which allows us to choose appointment times based on the resource availability. Resource availability, whether it’s a CRM user resource or a CRM facility resource, relies on the capacity calculations. Many times, we’ll have default capacity for our resources (which is… Read More »

HTML source in Dynamics CRM emails

Dynamics CRM is, likely, not the best tool to do email templating, but, on the other hand, sometimes it’s just easier to send notification emails from Dynamics CRM using a combination of email router and CRM workflow. The problem with this sort of quick and dirty approach is that there are limits to what CRM… Read More »

Recurring workflows in Dynamics CRM

A recurring workflow is, basically, a workflow that starts itself. There have been rumors that recurring workflows in Dynamics CRM can be implemented using child workflow (for example, by adding “wait” step and, then, starting a child workflow of the same type). However, I’ve never been able to really make it work since Dynamics turned… Read More »