I found a monster..

By | April 5, 2016

Ok, it’s all about the mood. Criticizing today..

What is Dynamics CRM these days? It’s a monster. Remember those long-gone days when we had CRM 4? Or CRM 2011? When there was no interactive service hub, when mobile applications were not there, when there was, essentially only one type of CRM forms, and when we did not have to worry about setting up business processes, contact cards, SLA-s, etc.

Yes, we were complaining. Sometimes in a very loud manner.

As it is said, “be careful of what you wish for”, since, apparently, somebody out there was listening.

Problem is, some of those things which are there now are making Dynamics CRM more complicated than it should probably be. Of course, that also means we are getting new functions, improved usability, etc.. However, sometimes I’m just missing those good old days when I new that the only place my CRM users would go to look at their case records would be in the main case entity form. And now? They would go to the main form, to the service hub, to the mobile form.. and, shh, what’s that with the ADX portals?

So is it good or bad that we have so many options now? Well, the interesting thing is that, with all those new features being added to CRM, Dynamics CRM implementations are definitely not becoming more simple. They are, actually, becoming more complicated since somebody has to understand all the relationships between different aspects of the CRM solution. Like I said, Dynamics CRM has turned into a little bit of a monster.. hopefully, it’s going to stay tamed.

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