Dynamics CRM – there are still things to discover

By | April 21, 2016

Yesterday, my fellow Dynamics CRM consultant Natalia Shlega who I talk a lot to (the main reason being not so much the fact that she’s a CRM consultant, though that does contribute.. but, rather, the fact that we happened to be married) pointed me to an article describing status reason transitions in Dynamics CRM.

What surprised me is that I’ve never seen it before even though I do customize CRM every day, and, yet, it has been a few years since this feature made its appearance in CRM 2013.

So, for those of you who used to be in the trenches just like I did, here is a link:


The tricky part about this feature is that it’s sort of hidden in CRM. By the time you get to those far (not necessarily dark) corners of Dynamics CRM application, you usually know what you are doing and why, so you just want to have it done and you are not paying attention to anything else. That probably explains why there turned out to be a function which has been sitting there for a few years, yet I have not noticed it even once.

And the moral? Well, I guess it’s good to have proved, once again, that Dynamics still has secrets to discover. That’s what makes it interesting.

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