Reactivating a classic workflow that’s part of a managed solution

By | January 18, 2020

Managed solutions are recommended for production, and we’ve been using them lately without much troubles, but, occasionally, something does come up.

One of the solutions had a workflow which required reference data. So it should not have been included into that solution to start with, but, since it was, it could not be activated.

We’ve got the reference data deployed, and I was trying to activate the workflow… when I ran into the error below:


As it often happens, the error is not too helpful:

“Action could not be taken for few records before of status reason transition restrictions. If you contact support, please provide the technical details”.

Apparently it’s talking about the status reason transitions… that kind of throw me off at first, since I thought I just can’t reactivate “managed” workflows at all for some reason. That might be a bummer for sure.

Well, turned out there is still a way. As it’s been for a while, if you can’t do something from the managed solution, try doing it from the default solution. Worked like a charm in this case, too, and I got my workflow activated.

But, of course, I should not have had this problem to start with if I put all those workflows in the right solutions and did my deployment in the right order. Still… If there is a third-party solution in the system, it might be helpful to know that what’s been deactivated can still be reactivated. As long as it’s done from the default solution.

3 thoughts on “Reactivating a classic workflow that’s part of a managed solution

  1. Mikhail

    I recently opened ticket for Microsoft about this issue. They replied that it was system design.

    1. Alex Shlega Post author

      Yes, it’s pretty much what I got as well:) Well, it’s kind of system design (we could never do it from the classic designer), but, in the new designer, the error does not really make sense.


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